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Masala Peanuts Recipe | Kadalai Pakoda

By: Priya Santhamohan | 2 Comments | | Category: Snacks, Starters | Tags : , , , , , ,

Kadalai Pakoda 1

This Masala Peanuts Recipe / Kadalai Pakoda is a very tasty and also crispy tea time snack. Not only during tea time, it can be munched happily all through the day. It can be made very easily at home, but I don’t know the reason why this peanut pakoda is... more

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Gobi 65 Recipe | Cauliflower 65 Recipe

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Gobi 65 Recipe

Today I am sharing Gobi 65 Recipe / Cauliflower 65 Recipe with detailed stepwise pics and videos. It can be had as an appetizer or perfect tea time snack or even as a side dish with our regular lunch menu. This Gobi 65 is a close variant of chicken 65,... more

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Masala Kara Pori | Spicy Puffed Rice Recipe

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Masala Kara Pori

This masala kara pori / Spicy puffed rice recipe is a very healthy, addictive, guilt free snack which can be prepared in few minutes. It is a very suitable snack for cold winter or a rainy day with a cup of chai. During karthigai deepam, I bought a big packet... more

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Choco Chip Cookies Recipe | Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

By: Priya Santhamohan | 6 Comments | | Category: Baked Goodies, Christmas Recipes, Snacks | Tags : , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Choco Chip Cookies Recipe

This Choco chip cookies recipe is also called as drop cookies from the United states invented by chef Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938. Though I have done lot of baking items from cookies, muffins, cakes till pizza’s all through these years and have at least little knowledge in baking, I... more

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Pori Urundai Recipe | Karthigai Pori Urundai

By: Priya Santhamohan | 1 Comment | | Category: Karthigai Deepam Recipes, Snacks | Tags : , , ,

Pori Urundai Recipe

This Pori urundai recipe / karthigai pori urundai is such a simple and quick snack that can be made with few ingredients easily available in our kitchen shelves. It tastes so good, crispy and also called as murmura ladoo, often prepared during karthigai deepam. The recipe is same as we... more

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