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Vegetable Masala Sandwich | Bread Masala Toast Recipe

By: Priya Santhamohan | 3 Comments | | Category: Indian Veg. Snacks Recipes | Tags : , , , , ,

Bread Masala Toast Recipe

Todays post is about a very famous Iyengar Bakery Vegetable Masala Sandwich / Bread Masala Toast Recipe. It can also be called as open sandwich and it tastes so delicious and it has an amazing flavour. If you have fuzzy kids at home then this is the right choice to... more

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Eggless Honey Cake Recipe | Indian Bakery Style

By: Priya Santhamohan | 6 Comments | | Category: Baked Goodies, Indian Dessert Recipes | Tags : , , ,

Eggless Honey Cake Recipe

This Eggless honey cake recipe / Indian bakery style cake is actually introduced by Bangalore Iyengar bakery which is also famous for their other stuffs like veg sandwiches, dilpasand, khara buns, biscuits etc. A basic sponge cake is enough to prepare this tasty delicacy. This cake is so soft, moist,... more

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