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Mint Pulao Recipe | Mint Rice Recipe

By: Priya Santhamohan | 1 Comment | | Category: Lunch, Rice Varieties | Tags : , , , , , , , , , , ,

Mint Pulao Recipe 1

This Mint rice recipe is such a flavourful and also a quick lunch box rice variety, which can be easily prepared in a jiffy. I have tried other versions of this rice, but this is the first time, I am trying this mint pulao recipe. Whenever I buy mint leaves... more

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Rose Milk Recipe | Homemade Rose Syrup Recipe

By: Priya Santhamohan | 5 Comments | | Category: Beverages, Summer Recipes | Tags : , , , , , , ,

Rose Milk Recipe

I think this rose milk recipe doesn’t need any intro, it’s basically cold milk flavoured with rose syrup. I always prepare this rose syrup in large quantity during summer and prepare rose milk every now and then. I even try to avoid hot drinks like coffee / tea which I... more

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Rava Kichadi Recipe | Sooji Khichdi Recipe

By: Priya Santhamohan | 3 Comments | | Category: breakfast, South Indian | Tags : , , , , , , , , ,

Sooji Khichdi Recipe

Today’s post is about sooji khichdi recipe with step by step pictures and you tube video. It can also be called as ‘semolina kichadi’ and it is one of the most famous South Indian breakfast recipes. This is also a filling breakfast as it is loaded with the goodness of... more

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Kaju Pista Roll Recipe | Kaju Roll Recipe

By: Priya Santhamohan | 8 Comments | | Category: Dessert, Festival Recipes, Sweet Recipes | Tags : , , , , , , , ,

Kaju Pista Roll Recipe 2

This Kaju Pista Roll Recipe / Kaju Roll Recipe is an Indian sweet delicacy made during festivals like Diwali / Holi or any special occasions. It is one of the most expensive sweets available in shops and it is also high in calorie. But once in a while we can... more

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Pineapple Jam Recipe | Homemade Pineapple Jam

By: Priya Santhamohan | 6 Comments | | Category: Homemade, Jams | Tags : , , , , ,

Pineapple Jam Recipe

Making jams at home is really a easy process, and it doesn’t require any long list of ingredients or extra ordinary cooking skills. I bought a large sized pineapple last week and made two recipes with the same pineapple.This pineapple jam recipe / homemade pineapple jam doesn’t have any preservative... more

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