Paal Pongal Recipe | Milk Pongal Recipe

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Milk Pongal Recipe
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This Paal pongal recipe / Milk pongal recipe is specially prepared on the day of ‘Thai pongal’ which marks the beginning of the auspicious month(Thai) in Tamil calendar. It is prepared in a mud pot or bronze pot (venkalam paanai) with freshly harvested raw rice, milk and salt as the only ingredient. It is a belief to prepare this pongal on this day along with sweet and savoury pongal varieties. As this pongal has pure white color, it is also called as ‘Vellai pongal’ and  it taste so delicious when served with pongal kulambu or 7 kari kootu. Wish you all a Happy Pongal.

Paal Pongal Recipe 1

Paal Pongal Recipe

Paal  Pongal Recipe | Milk Pongal Recipe

Recipe Cuisine: Tamilnadu, South Indian |  Recipe Category: Lunch, Pongal Recipes
Preparation + Cook Time: 30 minutes  |  Serves: 2 to 3

  • Raw rice – 1/2 cup
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Water – 2.5 to 3 cup
  • Salt – 1 generous pinch

1. Rinse and soak rice in water for 1/2 an hour, this step helps in easy cooking of the rice, but its optional. Drain the water from the rice and keep aside. Pour water and milk in a heavy bottomed vessel or pressure cooker. Once the milk starts roll boiling add the rice.
Paal Pongal Recipe Steps1

2. Cook in medium flame till the rice absorbs all the milk – water and the rice grains turns soft. Stir it in the middle every now and then else it gets burnt at the bottom. Slightly mash it with the ladle, finally add salt and mix well.
Milk Pongal Recipe Steps2

Paal pongal recipe is ready for pongal festival.


Paal Pongal Recipe

Paal Pongal Recipe


1. This paal pongal recipe can be prepared with milk alone, without adding water. It gives richness and more creaminess to the pongal.
2. New rice requires less water, old rice requires more water. So add water accordingly.
3. Adjust water and milk, according to the rice variety used.
4. Mashing the rice is important else the pongal turns hard after cooling.
6. If the pongal turns dry, then add 2 tblsp of milk and mix well.
7. This milk pongal recipe can also be prepared in pressure cooker for 5 to 6 whistles.
8. If preferred 2 tblsp of moong dal can be added to the rice, but this pongal should be made with rice only.
9. Salt should be added towards the end only, also 1 pinch is enough, don’t add more.
10. For sweet version sugar and cardamom powder is used, it is served with ghee and sliced banana.

Milk Pongal Recipe 1

Milk Pongal Recipe

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