Nendran Chips Recipe | Kerala Nendran Banana Chips

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Kerala Nendran Banana Chips 2
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Who doesn’t like this Kerala Nendran banana chips, with its vibrant yellow colour looks like gold coins and the coconut oil used for frying is the secret ingredient which lends the most essential aroma to the Nendran chips recipe. It is a traditional snack of Kerala and holds an important place in ‘Onam Sadhya’ and even ‘Vishu’ recipes. A variant of banana called ‘Nendran’ variety is used to prepare this chips and it is slight yellowish colour and sweet in taste by nature. Both the raw and ripe Nendran banana is used to prepare this recipe. This is also known as ‘Nendrangai’ in Tamil and ‘Ethakka’ in Malayalam and commonly called as Nendran chips in Tamilnadu and Ethakka upperi in Kerala. I have shared two methods of preparing this chips, you can go ahead with which ever is comfortable.

Kerala Nendran Banana Chips

Kerala Nendran Banana Chips

Nendran Chips Recipe | Kerala Nendran Banana Chips

Recipe Cuisine: Kerala | Recipe Category: Snacks
Preparation Time : 30 Mins | Serves : 2 to 3

  • Nendran Banana – 3
  • Turmeric Powder – 3/4 tsp
  • Salt – 2 tsp
  • Water – 1 tblsp
  • Coconut oil – To deep fry
Method 1

1. First get ready with the ingredients. In a bowl add turmeric powder, salt and water. Mix it well, the liquid should not be thick, little runny. Trim the edges of the banana and peel the skin completely.
Nendran Chips Recipe Steps1
2. Immerse the banana in a bowl of water to prevent de-colouration, until slicing. Now start slicing the banana’s using a slicer. The slices should not be too thick nor very thin, just medium thickness. Now transfer the slices to bowl and add 1 tsp of turmeric – salt water.
Nendran Chips Recipe Steps2
3. Mix well so the banana slices get evenly coated. Spread the banana slices in kitchen towel and pat dry 15 minutes. There should be no moisture. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed kadai, just drop a slice in the oil, if it raises immediately, the oil temperature is perfect. Drop the slices in the oil gently one by one. Don’t over crowd, fry in batches only. Fry well on both sides, once the ‘shhh’ sounds stops, take the chips out of the oil and drain it in kitchen towel. Also check for salt in the first batch itself, if required adjust salt level.
Kerala Nendran Banana Chips Steps3

Method 2

1. Mix turmeric powder, salt and water in a bowl. I used adjustable wooden slicer for this method. Slice the banana as per thickness preferred.
Kerala Nendran Banana Chips Steps4
2. Heat oil in a kadai / pan and drop the banana slices. Add 1 tsp of turmeric – salt water. At first the oil splutters and gives a sizzling sound, don’t get panic. Also stand away from oil as it splutters. Flip it on both sides and fry it well. Once the sizzling sound subsides, and the chips turn crisp take out from the oil. Allow it to cool and store it in an airtight container.
Kerala Nendran Banana Chips Steps5
Enjoy this nendran chips as a tea time snack.


Nendran Chips Recipe

Nendran Chips Recipe


1. Use mature and raw nendran banana, not the ripe one.
2. Always slice the banana just before preparation, else it changes in colour.
3. To avoid de-colouration of the banana immerse in a bowl of water till use.
4. Always peel the skin completely, else the chips get dark coloured edges.
5. Don’t slice the banana too thin nor too thick, just medium sized. I used adjustable wooden slicer.
6. Knife can also be used to slice the banana, it gives even thickness.
7. I recommend frying the chips in coconut oil as it lends nice aroma to the nendran chips recipe.
8. Coconut oil can be replaced with other oils also, but add atleast 2 tblsp of coconut oil.
9. Method 2 gives even colouring to the chips, than Method 1.
10. You can even slice the chips directly in the oil itself, but it needs little experience in chips making.
11. Don’t  reuse the oil as it changes in colour and taste salty.
12. Always cool down and then store it an dry and airtight container.
13. Shelf life of this kerala nendran chips is 15 to 20 days under hygenic condition.

Nendran Chips Recipe 1

Nendran Chips Recipe

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