Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe | Ragi Dosa

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Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe
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Ragi or finger millet in English, Nachani in Marathi, Kezhvaragu in Tamil is known as a perfect diabetic and infant friendly cereal. It helps to balance the insulin level for diabetic patients and it is loaded with calcium and iron. High amount of dietary fibre present in the ragi, keeps the stomach full, minimize the food cravings and gives a filling diet for people with diabetes. If you are tired of doing chapathi or don’t have idli batter in hand, then ragi dosa is the best choice, as there is no grinding part or fermenting process as required for making idli / dosa. Do try this instant ragi dosa recipe, if you are bored of regular dosa and surprisingly you like a lot.

Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe 1

Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe

Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe | Ragi Dosa

Recipe Cuisine: South Indian | Recipe Category: Breakfast / Dinner / Millet Recipes 
Preparation + Cooking Time : 45 Mins | Makes : 10 to 12 dosa

  • Ragi Flour – 1 Cup
  • Rice Flour / Wheat flour – 1/4 Cup
  • Sour Buttermilk – 1/2 Cup
  • Onion – 1/2 cup
  • Green Chilli – 2
  • Jeera / Cumin seeds – 1/ 2 tsp
  • Coriander Leaves – 2 tblsp
  • Curry Leaves – 2 sprig
  • Hing – 1 Generous pinch
  • Water – 1.5 cups
  • Salt – As required
  • Oil / Ghee – For making dosa

1. Measure all the ingredients and keep everything ready. Chop onion, green chilli, coriander leaves and curry leaves finely. In a large mixing bowl, add ragi flour.
Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe Steps 1
2. Then add rice flour, buttermilk and whisk well.
Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe Steps 2
3. Now pour water and whisk well till without any lumps. Then add chopped onions.
Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe Steps 3
4. Add chilli, coriander leaves, curry leaves and jeera.
Ragi Dosa Recipe Steps 4
5. Now add hing, required salt and mix everything well. Keep the batter undisturbed for 30 minutes.
Ragi Dosa Recipe Steps 56. Heat a iron tawa / non – stick tawa and sprinkle few drops of water over it. If shhhh sounds comes and the water evaporates immediately the heat is perfect. Take one ladle full of batter and pour over the tawa from the corners to the centre in circular motion. Don’t spread the batter with the ladle. Drizzle little oil all around the corners of the dosa and cook for 1 minute, till the top changes to brown colour. Flip the dosa to the other side with a spatula and cook for another 1/2 minute. Do the same with the remaining batter.
Ragi Dosa Recipe Steps 6
Serve this ragi dosa with coconut chutney / kara chutney.


Ragi Dosa Recipe

Ragi Dosa Recipe


1. For healthier version, sprouted ragi flour can be used.
2. Addition of rice is must, as it gives stiffness to the dosa.
3. To make it diabetic friendly, rice flour can be substituted with wheat flour.
4. Rice flour /wheat flour can be replaced with same quantity of all purpose flour/ maida. But maida is always unhealthy.
5. Use only sour buttermilk for this instant ragi dosa recipe.
6. Water can be used in place of buttermilk. But I recommend using atleast 1/4 cup of buttermilk.
7. The batter should be watery than the normal dosa batter.
8. For more taste don’t skip onion, chilli and jeera. But you can prepare this as plain dosa also.
9. Ghee / butter can be used for making dosa, if you are calorie conscious do it with oil only.

Ragi Dosa Recipe 1

Ragi Dosa Recipe

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  1. posted by Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen on May 12, 2017

    This instant ragi dosa looks so delish, healthy and full of awesome flavors.

  2. posted by Ruxana on May 13, 2017

    Healthy and delicious Dosa.

  3. posted by Sundari on May 25, 2017

    healthy and yummy dosa!!


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