How to Make Soft Chapati | Soft Chapati Recipe

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Soft Chapati Recipe
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How to make soft chapati / soft chapati recipe is a biggest worry to all beginners in kitchen and even bachelors. As people have become more health conscious nowadays and chapati have become a staple food everywhere, making soft chapati is really a big challenge. But there are little tricks to get soft chapati. The first one is kneading the dough, second is giving resting time to the dough and the last trick purely depends on rolling it. When I was a begginer in kitchen, If I say the word ‘chapati ‘ hubby used to run miles away. He tells a story, when he was doing his engineering studies and weekly once they serve chapati in their hostel mess. At that moment, most of the hostelites get disappeared and go to the near by hotels or street side shops. From that time he names chapati as ‘lorry tyre’. After few trials and errors, I learnt the tricks and nowadays chapati has become my hubby’s favourite one.

How To Make Soft Chapati 1

How To Make Soft Chapati


How to Make Soft Chapati | Soft Chapati Recipe

Recipe Cuisine:  Indian |  Recipe Category: Dinner
Preparation Time + Cook time : 35 Mins   |  Makes :  5 to 6

  • Atta – 1 cup
  • Curd – 1 tblsp
  • Sugar – 1/4 tsp (optional)
  • Salt – As required
  • Gingelley Oil / Sesame OIl – 1 tblsp
  • Water – 1/4 cup
  • Ghee / Oil – For brushing on Top

1. First get ready with the ingredients. In a large mixing bowl, add atta and curd.
Soft Chapati Recipe Steps1
2. Now add sugar and required salt. Start adding water little by little, don’t pour all the water at a time.
Soft Chapati Recipe Steps2
3. Start mixing the flour with your fingers. Now add water as required and mix again. Then pour gingelley oil and start kneading the dough.
Soft Chapati Recipe Steps34. Knead the dough for 4 to 5 minutes very gently,  until soft and pilable. The dough should be non-sticky nor dry. Don’t apply pressure on kneading the dough. Close the dough with a lid or damp wet cloth for 20 to 25 minutes and keep by side. Knead the dough again and divide into equal sized balls. Then roll the divided dough into smooth balls.
Soft Chapati Recipe Steps4
5. Take a rolling board and pin. Place one ball over the rolling board, flatten it and dust with some flour. Roll the ball into medium sized circles, not too thick or thin. The balls should be uniformly rolled without any holes else the chapati will not puff up.
How To Make Soft Chapati Steps5
6. Heat a tawa, adjust flame to medium and place the rolled chapati on it. Cook for few seconds, until small bubbles appear on top.
How To Make Soft Chapati Steps6
7. Flip to the other side, wait till bubbles appear and press it gently with a ladle. This helps the chapati to fluff up and gets cooked evenly. Remove it from tawa and brush with little oil or ghee. Follow the same with the remaining chapati’s.
How To Make Soft Chapati Steps7
Serve it hot with any veg korma.

For later use, brush the chapati with oil / ghee, wrap it in kitchen towel and store it in a hot case / casserole.


Soft Chapati Recipe 1

Soft Chapati Recipe


1. Water quantity slightly varies on the atta used, so adjust accordingly. I used homemade atta.
2. Don’t pour all the water at a time, just add little by little.
3. Curd gives softness to the chapati, also don’t use sour curd.
4. Curd can also be replaced with warm milk for this soft chapati recipe.
5. If the dough becomes too sticky, add little more flour and knead again.
6. If the dough becomes dry, add few drops of oil / ghee and knead again.

7. Addition of sugar enhances the taste of the chapati .
8. Kneading the dough for few minutes and resting time for the dough is very important. It lends very soft chapati.
9. Also don’t use more flour while rolling, else it turns the chapati dry.
10. Roll the dough balls uniformly and evenly without any holes, else the chapati won’t puff up.
11. Chapati should be made in medium flame. If done in high flame, it doesn’t gets cooked inside and turns crispy.
12. The dough can be stored in fridge for 2 days. For storing apply little oil over the dough, cover it with a damp wet cloth and keep it in an air tight container.
13. Gingelly oil can be replaced with olive oil or any other oil.
14. Dough can be kneaded with warm water also which is a simple trick to yield soft chapati.

How To Make Soft Chapati

How To Make Soft Chapati

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