How to make Frozen Peas at home | Home Made Frozen Peas

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Frozen Peas
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Homemade Frozen Peas

Homemade Frozen Peas isn’t interesting? rather than buying expensive ready made packets from stores, this is so simple and I am always excited to make frozen peas at home. Green Peas season has almost come to an end here in BLR. I buy about 5 Kg peas, make this frozen peas in bulk and use if for 6 months. You can also make frozen carrot, beans, corn, broccoli, etc., in this way.

Frozen Peas

Frozen Peas

Recipe cuisine – Indian
Recipe category – Homemade / Preserved
Preparation + cooking time – 1 day freezing time + 20 Mins  
Yields – 1/2 Kg
1. Remove the green peas from the pod.
Frozen Peas Step1
2. Wash it thoroughly twice. Roll boil water in a pan until bubble appears.
Frozen Peas Step2
3. Now add peas to the boiling water. After 2 or 3 mins the peas float on the top. Immediately switch off the flame.
Frozen Peas Step3
4. Pour cold water over the peas to prevent the cooking process. Let it cool down. Spread the peas in a kitchen towel and pat dry. Once dried and cooled, store the peas in a tupper ware or zip lock cover. Label it with date.
Frozen Peas Step4
5. Keep the peas in the freezer section. When required, take the required amount of peas you need, thaw and use it.
Frozen Peas Step5
How to thaw frozen peas?
Take the required quantity of peas from the zip lock cover, spread it in a plate, allow it to come to room temperature. Just  wash once and use it.
Frozen Peas 4
1. Always select good quality and firm peas.
2. Switch off flame immediately when the peas start to float on top or else it will get over cooked.
3. Blanching and freezing procedure gives more shelf life and also makes cooking easier.
4. Be sure there is no moisture in the peas, before storing in zip lock cover, or else peas gets spoiled easily.
5. Also use new zip lock cover or clean tupper ware for storage to increase the shelf life of the Frozen Peas.
U can use this Homemade Frozen Peas for about 6 to 9 months when preserved properly.

Frozen Peas 2

Frozen Peas

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