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Paal Pongal Recipe | Milk Pongal Recipe

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Milk Pongal Recipe

This Paal pongal recipe / Milk pongal recipe is specially prepared on the day of ‘Thai pongal’ which marks the beginning of the auspicious month(Thai) in Tamil calendar. It is prepared in a mud pot or bronze pot (venkalam paanai) with freshly harvested raw rice, milk and salt as the... more

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Sakkarai Pongal Recipe | Chakkara Pongal

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Sakkarai Pongal Recipe

This sakkarai pongal recipe / chakkara pongal is mainly prepared on the day of pongal also called ‘Thai pongal’ in Tamilnadu. This is a Tamil harvest festival where the first harvested rice (new rice) is boiled with lentils, milk and sweetened with jaggery. The cooking is traditionally done in a... more

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