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Gulab Jamun Recipe | Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder

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Gulab Jamun Recipe

Today’s post is about Gulab Jamun Recipe / Gulab Jamun with milk powder which is a very famous dessert known to everyone and doesn’t need any introduction. Until last year, I used to buy ready made mixes from stores to prepare jamuns and it is quiet expensive too. It was... more

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Eggless Honey Cake Recipe | Indian Bakery Style

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Eggless Honey Cake Recipe

This Eggless honey cake recipe / Indian bakery style cake is actually introduced by Bangalore Iyengar bakery which is also famous for their other stuffs like veg sandwiches, dilpasand, khara buns, biscuits etc. A basic sponge cake is enough to prepare this tasty delicacy. This cake is so soft, moist,... more

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Eggless Chocolate Mousse | Chocolate Mousse Recipe

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Eggless Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Today I have shared a simple, delectable chocolate mousse recipe and it is a eggless – gelatin free version. The original recipe calls for dark chocolate and rum, but instead of rum, apple juice or even water can be substituted. This mousse is really a silky, creamy, rich dessert apt... more

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Badam Halwa Recipe | Badam Halwa

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Badam Halwa Recipe 1

Badam halwa is a very rich and delicious dessert made with almond / badam puree, sugar and ghee. This badam halwa recipe doesn’t require more ingredients and the process is also a simple one, as it doesn’t indulge in sugar string consistency. This badam halwa is a sinfully yummy Indian... more

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Rasmalai Recipe | Rasmalai

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Rasmalai is a rich dessert recipe from Bengali cuisine. It is made from spongy rasagullas, flattened and dunken in aromatic milk with the flavor of saffron, enriched with almonds and pistachios. There are two ways of preparing this rasmalai, first one is traditional way of preparing rasagulla from scratch and... more

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