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Aval Kesari Recipe
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Aval Kesari or Poha Sheera is a sweet made with aval or flattened rice. Usually kesari is the most simplest and popular sweet prepared for almost all auspicious occasions throughout India. Only the name changes as Kesari bath in Kannada, Sheera in Marathi and Kesari in Tamil. Try this Aval kesari for this Gokulashtami / Janmashtami which falls on 25/08/2016 this Thursday and offer to Lord Krishna as Prasadham who is very fond of Aval.

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Aval Kesari Gokulashtami Recipes

Aval Kesari

Recipe Cuisine: Indian |  Recipe Category: Sweet / Dessert
Preparation + Cook Time: 20 minutes  |  Serves: 3 to 4

  • Aval / Poha / Flattened Rice – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Water – 1.5 cups
  • Raisins, Cashews – 10 mixed
  • Cardamom Powder – 2 pinch (optional)
  • Food Colour – 1 drops
  • Saffron – Few Strands
  • Ghee – 2 to 3 tblsp

1. Fry cashews, raisins in ghee, soak saffron in warm milk and keep all the ingredients ready. Heat a pan and roast the Aval for 2 minutes with little ghee until nice aroma wafts. Cool down.

2. Grind it in a mixer to a coarse powder. Pour water in a pan and bring to roll boil.
3. Add the powdered poha and mix well until there is no lumps. Cook in low flame, soon all the water will be absorbed and now the poha will be cooked. Now add food colour.
Aval-Kesari-Step34. MIx well and add sugar. The sugar starts to melt and the mixture will loosen. Keep stirring and add ghee at regular intervals.
Aval-Kesari-Step45. By the time the kesari will thicken and leave the sides of the pan. Don’t thicken too much, let it be in slight flowing consistency. Finally add cashew, raisins, saffrons soaked in milk and mix everything well.
Delicious aval kesari is ready.

Poha Sheera

Poha Sheera


1. Use Ghee generously which gives a good taste to the aval kesari.
2. Don’t over roast the aval and turn it brown, it will change the whole flavour of the kesari.
3. I used thin variety aval, if using thick variety double the water quantity.
4. For a rich taste, you can cook aval in milk also.
5. Add sugar after the poha is fully cooked or else the kesari will be hard.
6. This kesari thickens with time, so switch of flame when it is in slight flowing consistency.

Aval Kesari Recipe

Aval Kesari

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